User: Lets see what's in Fan Fiction Wikia.

(User: looks Shocked)

User: Mark my works Davidddizor and Cochrane-A are the romance thieves they made Anais and Gumball get married, gumball needs to marry a girlfriend not a sister like Madison, I'm Going to Call Their Parents and for their punishment they will get sent to TV Database Wikia

Davidddizor's Dad: Hello?

User: Hi this is User: look at this your son made Anais and Gumball get married i'm sick and tired of sisters marrying brothers.

Davidddizor's Dad: Did you say My Son made Anais and Gumball get Married?!?!

User: yep i'm the one following the law, for Cochrane-A and Davidddizor's Punishment they will get sent to TV Database Wikia.

Davidddizor's Dad: OOOOHHHH!!! HE'S IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!!!

Cochrane-A's Dad: Cochrane-A, Davidddizor why did you make Anais and Gumball get Married?

Davidddizor: Because i decided to do that.

Cochrane-A: Yeah.

Davidddizor's Dad: Davidddizor we have visitors.

Cochrane-A's Dad: Cochrane-A we have visitors.

User: Hi i'm User: if you make more sisters marrying brothers stories you will watch The Land Before Time 1-14.

Bubbles8218: Hi I'm Bubbles8218 i'm a Friend of Daviddizor, Jillian1234 & User: you herd him stop that!

Daviddizor: Hi I'm Daviddizor i would agree that Sisters Marrying brothers is Against the law.

Jillian1234: Hi I'm Jillian1234 i agree with my friends and you will be forced to Watch The Land Before Time 1-14 until you promise not to do sisters marrying brothers!

Madison Waltson: Hi i'm Madison Waltson you're doing to make my husband cheat on me,

Gumball Watterson: Hi i'm Gumball Watterson you know the law no sisters marrying brothers allowed!

Fox: Hi I'm Fox from Skunk Fu! Why won't you do what Bubbles8218, Daviddizor & User: does

Skunk: Hi I'm Skunk from Skunk Fu! What is the matters with you two Chickens!??!

Gumball Watterson: Sense you made me Married my Sister Anais, Skunk and I will put you on a Chicken Suits.

Davidddizor: Not the Feathers!

Cochrane-A: This can't be happing!

(Skunk and Gumball put the Chicken suits on Davidddizor and Cochrane-A)

Davidddizor: That Hurts.

Cochrane-A: Yeah, the Feathers are bothering me.

Skunk: I Don't Care, you should though of that you we're suppose to do it.

Gumball Watterson: I'm going to put an egg in your chicken suit.

(Gumball puts an egg on Davidddizor's Chicken suit)

(Skunk puts an egg on Cochrane-A's Chicken suit)

Davidddizor: I Don't Want to be a Chicken!!!

Cochrane-A: Me either!!!

User: for your punishment you two you'll get sent to TV Database Wikia and you will have plenty of Jobs.

Davidddizor: No User: you will not send us to tv database wikia.

Bubbles8218: you herd my friend, get out of here!

(Daviddizor takes Davidddizor and Cochrane-A to TV Database wikia)

Brian Kurtz: Welcome to TV Database Wikia, i have a job for you two i want you to add all incredible hulk episodes and when you are finished you'll earn to Watch Batman classic.

Davidddizor: Come On who do you think you are?

Cochrane-A: I Don't even know you.

Brain Kurtz: I'm Brain Kurtz, you sisters marrying brothers fans NOW GET TO WORK!!!!

(Davidddizor and Cochrane-A adds more episodes of Incredible Hulk)

Brain Kurtz: Good work Davidddizor and Cochrane-A you are free to watch Batman Classic until one year.

Cochrane-A: What year is it?

Brain Kurtz: It's May 13th 1982, so good day.

Davidddizor: What we're in the year May 13th 1982 and we got one year what will happen to use?

Cochrane-A: I Don't know maybe he'll force use to watch Incredible Hulk we just add all episodes.

Davidddizor: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

(Meanwhile in 2016)

User: Great news Friends Davidddizor and Cochrane-A are stuck in the year May 13th 1982 and they got one year until they watch Incredible Hulk.

Bubbles8218: Great, now who will like to watch Skunk Fu! And The Amazing World of Gumball?

User: Me

Daviddizor: Me

Jillian1234: Me

(Bubbles8218 and her friends watch there favorite shows Skunk Fu! And The Amazing World of Gumball)