That night, Minnie Mouse tells Danny that she loved him. Danny told Minnie that he loved her too and they kissed. Danny then got on one knee and held out an engagement ring and said "Minnie, will you marry me?"

Minnie said "Yes!" Danny put the ring on Minnie's finger. Danny and Minnie then kissed.

A year later

Minnie and Danny planned a Toontownian wedding for the best night of the year. A time of giving. All of her family and friends attended. SpongeBob SquarePants and Sonic the Hedgehog were Danny's best men and Sandy Cheeks and Princess Sally Acorn were Minnie's maids of honor. Prince Louie planned the wedding march and Young Bagheera performed the ceremony, assisted by altar boys Young Shere Khan, Young Hathi, and Young Baloo while Young Kaa was dressed as a ring bearer. They had their wedding reception at Minnie's house. There was dancing and eating. Everyone had a good time. Minnie and Danny were very happy.