Cream the Rabbit told Charmy Bee that she loved him. Charmy told Cream that he loved her too and they kissed. Charmy then got on one knee and held out an engagement ring and said, "Cream, will you marry me?"

Cream said "Yes!" Charmy put the ring on Cream's finger. Cream and Charmy kissed.

Cream and Charmy planned a Mobian wedding on the best night. A time of giving. All of her family and friends attended. Miles "Tails" Prower and Fidget the Bat were Charmy's best men, and Cosmo the Seedrian and Rouge the Bat were Cream's maids of honor. Young Simba planned the wedding march and Chip performed the ceremony, assisted by altar boys Thumper, Dale, and Flounder while Flower was dressed as a ring bearer. And then they had their wedding reception at Cream's home. There was dancing, eating, and drinking. Everyone had a good time. Charmy and Cream were very happy.